Lesson 4: The Midwest


Activity 1: About the Midwest

Materials: Smart About the Fifty States: A Class Report by Jon Buller
Using the "About the Midwest" sheets, fill in information you learn about the Midwest states as described below. Some of the information for these pages will come from the book Smart About the Fifty States, but you should also use other sources such as the Internet or an encyclopedia.
  • States (List the names.)
  • Climate (Describe the overall climate of the region and how it changes with the seasons.)
  • Natural resources (List and/or illustrate at least five natural resources found in the region.)
  • Important landforms and bodies of water (Describe important landform(s) and bodies of water in the region. Include at least one landform and one body of water.)
  • Culture (Describe the people and their way of life. What unique traditions do they have? How are they recognized by the rest of the country?)
  • Wildlife (Illustrate and label at least two plants and two animals found in the region.)
  • Famous person (Describe a famous person from the region and what the person has accomplished.)
  • Jobs (List two important industries in the region.)
To find more information about this region, use the following websites or an encyclopedia.
Web Link
Web Link
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Discuss the information your child recorded about the Midwest.

Activity 2: Factories and Farms

The products from the Midwest are in high demand from people across the country. Explore some products that contain resources made or grown in the Midwest. Your parent will tell you which option to complete.
Your child will recognize that many products are made from resources that originate in the Midwest. Assign one of the options to your child. The first option is simpler because there are fewer parameters — your child can name any product that has the given resource. The second option is more challenging because she will have to find objects around the home that may contain resources from the Midwest.

Option 1

On the "Factories and Farms" (Option 1) page, you will find a list of resources and goods found in the Midwest. Brainstorm and list or illustrate products that are made from these resources.
Student Activity Page
In this option your child will brainstorm a list of products that can be made from resources in the Midwest. Look over your child's list and discuss some of her ideas.

Option 2

On the "Factories and Farms" (Option 2) page is a list of materials manufactured or found in the Midwest. Look around your home, inside and out. Identify products that contain each of the materials. Many of your products probably contain resources from the Midwest.
Student Activity Page
For this option your child will find products around your house that contain materials found in the Midwest. Discuss your child's findings with her.