Lesson 3: The Southeast


Activity 1: About the Southeast

Materials: Smart About the Fifty States: A Class Report by Jon Buller
On the "About the Southeast" pages, you will record information related to the states in the Southeast. You can use the book, Smart About the Fifty States, and any other sources (books, encyclopedias, or people who have lived there). Include the following information:
  • States (List the names.)
  • Climate (Describe the overall climate of the region and how it changes with the seasons.)
  • Natural resources (List and/or illustrate at least five natural resources found in the region.)
  • Important landforms and bodies of water (Describe important landform(s) and bodies of water in the region. Include at least one landform and one body of water.)
  • Culture (Describe the people and their way of life. What unique traditions do they have? How are they recognized by the rest of the country?)
  • Wildlife (Illustrate and label at least two plants and two animals found in the region.)
  • Famous person (Describe a famous person from the region and what the person has accomplished.)
  • Jobs (List two important industries in the region.)
To find more information about this region, use the following websites or an encyclopedia.
Web Link
Web Link
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Read through the information your child recorded about the southeastern region. Discuss each area and offer any additional information you feel is important.

Activity 2: Southern Traditions, Culture, and Landscape

Materials: colored pencils or markers*
Select one of the following options.
Your child can choose one of three options.

Option 1: Pros and Cons

Make a list of pros and cons for living in the Southeast. Fold a sheet of paper in half length-wise. Write "Pros" at the top of one column and "Cons" on the top of the other column. Include five to eight ideas in each column. See if you believe there are more pros or cons to living in the Southeast.
Your child will make a list of pros and cons about living in the Southeast and determine whether or not he would like to live there.

Option 2: Geography of the Southeast

Using the "Geography of the Southeast" pages, illustrate a scene for each geographical feature found in the Southeast. Your scene should illustrate the plants, animals, and geographical features that one would find when exploring these southeastern destinations:
  • Florida Everglades
  • Virginia Beach
  • Louisiana Bayou
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • Mississippi Delta
  • Smoky Mountains
Your child will illustrate some of the unique geographical features of this region.

Option 3: Southern Culture

In many ways, the Southeast has shaped much of our American culture. Describe or illustrate ten events or people from the Southeast who have influenced or continue to influence American culture. Example: Jazz music was first played in New Orleans and continues to shape American music.
Your child will explain how the culture in the Southeast has influenced the rest of the nation.