Lesson 1: States and Capitals

Day 2

Activity 4: Quarters of the Fifty States

Collect as many quarters as possible. On the "Quarters of the Fifty States" pages, check the state off when you have collected its quarter. Illustrate the coin and record the words on the coin. Use a complete sentence to describe the image on each coin.
For this activity, your child will try to collect a quarter from each state over the course of the unit. He will illustrate the quarter and write any words found on the quarter. Help him understand the significance of the illustrations and words on the quarters. He can begin with quarters he finds around the house today.

Activity 5: The Scrambled States of America

Materials: "States of America" card game
Find family members to play the "The Scrambled States of America" card game and learn more about the states in our country.
Play The Scrambled States of America card game with your child or find a family member or friend to play with him.