Day 3

Getting Started

Stuff You Need

  • Hondo and Fabian by Peter McCarty
  • die-cut cats (kit)
  • die-cut dogs (kit)
  • large die-cut of cat (kit)
  • large die-cut of dog (kit)
  • pencil
  • person die-cut (kit)* (Activity 4 - optional)
  • playdough (kit)* (Activity 1 - Option 2)
  • sight word cards (kit)

* - denotes an optional material that may or may not be needed


Ask your child what two animals are in the book Hondo and Fabian. Ask if he can remember one way the two characters are alike and one way they are different. Challenge your child to count to 20. Ask him if he knows the sound of the letter H.
Reading and Questions
Materials: Hondo and Fabian by Peter McCarty
Read the book Hondo and Fabian with your child. Encourage him to look for the H at the beginning of Hondo's name, and point to it when he sees it. Also point out the words "home," "happy," and "hungry" as they appear. Ask your child to identify the initial sound of those words. Ask your child the following questions.
  1. Ask your child to retell the story in his own words. Encourage him to use the pictures to guide his retelling.
    If your child needs help, prompt him with questions like, "What happened at the beginning of the story?" "What happened next?" and "How did the story end?"
  2. How do you think the characters feel at the end of their day?
  3. How do you feel at the end of your own day?