Day 4


Activity 1: Musk Ox Habitats

Materials: world map (kit)
Look at the world map. Point out the continents on the map and name each one. Then explain that musk oxen are found in very cold places on the planet. Explain to your child that the top and bottom parts of the Earth are the coldest parts. Point out Canada, Greenland, and Alaska on the map and explain that these are some areas where musk oxen can be found. Explain that musk oxen are able to survive in very cold climates because of their thick fur. Discuss what the environment is like in these tundra regions. Find pictures online to share with your child. (Suggested links are provided.)
Web Link
Web Link
Web Link

Activity 2: Making a Musk Ox

Materials: brown yarn (kit), cotton balls (kit), crayons, glue, scissors
Give your child the "Musk Ox" page and encourage her to color the face of the musk ox dark brown. Then tear about ¼ of a cotton ball off to make the tuft of white hair. Ask your child to glue this on the top of the musk ox's head. Cut the brown yarn in 6-inch strips. Ask your child to glue the yarn on the musk ox. Encourage her to put a strip of glue across the back of the musk ox. Then she can put the ends of the yarn pieces across the musk ox's back. Encourage her to glue on as many strands of "hair" on as she can fit so that the musk ox has thick fur to keep him warm!

Activity 3: Letter Sounds — A

Materials: glue, scissors
Give your child the "Letter Sounds: A" pages. On the first page she will circle the correct beginning letter for each picture. Then practice writing the letter OR have your child watch you form the letters. Since your child may not know how to write any letter except A, provide assistance as needed. It may help to draw dots that she can connect to make the letter, as shown on the handwriting pages.

On the second page, have your child cut out the boxes, and then ask her to glue the correct picture under each letter.

Note: Learning to use scissors is a very important skill that helps greatly in strengthening the muscles in the hand and learning to control those muscles. Children will be encouraged to cut and paste often so that they are strengthening the muscles and learning the muscle control they need for writing.