Day 3


Activity 1: Sight Word

Materials: A Is for Musk Ox by Erin Cabatingan, sight word cards (kit)
Show your child the card with the sight word "you." Tell him what it says and then practice saying it together.

Look at the first page of the book together. Move your finger under the words as you read, "Hey! Hey you!" and so on. Encourage your child to say the word "you" with you. Then read the first two pages of the book, this time having your child say the word "you" by himself when you come to that word. Assist him as needed.

Activity 2: Lowercase Letter Writing and Sound Practice

Materials: glue*, pencil, scissors*, yarn (kit)*
Choose one of the following options for your child to complete.

Option 1

Give your child the "Lowercase a" writing page to complete. Have him form the letter starting at the top, to the right of center, and creating a circle to the left, carefully touching the bottom line. Then have him bring the end of the circle to pass the starting point and just reach the half line before retracing straight down. Remember to review the short "a" sound as in apple, and have your child repeat this sound as he forms his letters.

Note: If your child is not able to write the letter without the help of dots, you can add the dots for the remaining two rows or guide your child's hand to assist in forming the letter correctly.

Option 2

Point out to your child that the lowercase a is a circle with a stick on the side. Have him make a big circle in the air with his finger and then add the stick. Next, draw four large lowercase a letters on a piece of white paper. Have yarn available that you can cut into various lengths. Ask your child to trace the lines of each letter a with glue and then lay a piece of yarn on the glue to make the circle. He should then place a small piece of yarn on the glue for the stick.

Activity 3: Counting and Number Recognition

Materials: number cards (kit)
Review the numbers on the number cards with your child. On one side of each card there are corresponding dots. Have your child count the dots on each side and then flip the card to read the matching number. It is fine if your child is not able to complete this activity independently. Provide assistance as needed. This skill will be practiced many times over the course of the curriculum.

Activity 4: Letters and Sounds

Materials: alphabet cards (kit)
Review the letter cards and the sounds each letter makes. Use the cards like flashcards. Hold them up randomly and ask your child to name the letter and say the sound that the letter makes.

Note: It is okay if your child does not master letter sounds this week. He will continue to work on letter sounds over the course of the year.