Day 1


Activity 1: Counting the Letters of the Alphabet

Materials: alphabet cards (kit), number cards (kit)
Ask your child to count the letter cards that are in the stack. Provide assistance as needed. Discuss that there are 26 letters in the alphabet. If your child cannot count to 20, practice this aloud a few times. As your child counts, hold up the accompanying number card.

Activity 2: Ordering Alphabet Cards

Look at the alphabet cards with your child. Encourage him to put the letters in order from A to Z. He can use the book if he forgets the order. Discuss that the alphabet has a certain order for the letters called alphabetical order. This order helps people organize information.

Optional Extension
If your child is able, encourage him to place a number card beneath each letter. He will not have a number card for the final 6 letters of the alphabet. Discuss that both letters and numbers have a specific order. This order provides a standard way for all people to communicate information.