Lesson 4: Work on the Farm

Wrapping Up


Correspondence can help connect us with friends, get things done in a business setting, or allow us to share ideas with our political representatives. Think about situations in which you might use the formal business letter format and friendly letter format, and consider sending some letters of both varieties while you're working through this unit!

Life Application

If you have the opportunity this week, write a friendly letter to a friend, being sure to use the friendly letter format from Activity 2.

Questions to Discuss

  • When might you write a business letter? (Answers will vary, but your child might mention a variety of reasons for writing a business letter -- work-related correspondence, writing to a company official to ask a question, writing to a politician, etc. Brainstorm some ideas together.)
  • When might you write a friendly letter? (Answers will vary, but your child should know that any informal correspondence between friends, family members, or acquaintances can use the friendly letter format.)
  • At this point in the book, do you think the animals were happier with Mr. Jones running the farm or with the pigs running the farm?

Things to Review

  • Review your child's responses to the reading questions.
  • Review your child's response to Activity 1 about farm work before and after the rebellion.
  • Review your child's business letter page from Activity 2.