Lesson 7: Education

Wrapping Up


During this time in their lives, the Adams family had endured frequent separations and the trials of war. As the war drew to an end, however, the nation would face new challenges as it tried to forge a new government. As had been the case throughout the American Revolution, John and Abigail Adams would be in the midst of these important changes, as you'll see in the next lesson.

Questions to Discuss

  • What is a verbal? (Your child should know that verbals are words formed from verbs that do not function as verbs.)
  • The verbal "crying" can be a gerund or a participle. Explain the difference and give examples of each. (Gerunds function as nouns, so an example could be "Crying makes me sad." Participles function as adjectives, so an example could be "The crying baby was very loud.")
  • What did you learn about girls' education in the world from your reading today?

Things to Review

  • Review your child's response to reading questions.
  • Review your child's activity page about verbals.
  • Review your child's paragraph analysis based on what he read about girls' education.