Lesson 4: Continental Congress

Wrapping Up


As John Adams spent more and more time away from home, Abigail Adams adapted to the new situation, often taking over roles that John usually filled. You'll learn more about how she managed the household and about the progress of the Revolution in the next lesson.

Questions to Discuss

  • What are the indicative, interrogative, and imperative moods used for? (Indicative is a statement, interrogative is a question, and imperative is a command.)
  • Give an example of a sentence in the conditional mood. (Look at Activity 1 for examples of conditional mood sentences.)
  • What is unique about the subjunctive mood? (Your child may mention that it is used for hypothetical or contrary-to-fact situations or that it requires a change in verb form.)

Things to Review

  • Review your child's activity page about verb moods.
  • Review your child's vocabulary activity page.