Lesson 10: Presidential Politics

Wrapping Up


The political party differences that you learned about in this chapter would only intensify in the coming years. In the final chapters of the book, you will read about the end of John Adams's presidency and the later life of Abigail Adams and the other members of her family.

Life Application

How have political parties in the United States changed over time? You can learn more about the Federalists and Republicans and see what other parties emerged over the course of American history in these archived resources from NCPEDIA, which cover political parties in the United States from 1788-1929.
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Questions to Discuss

  • What were the key differences between the Federalists and the Republicans? (Your child should know that the Republicans favored a federal government with limited power run by common men while the Federalists favored a stronger federal government and rule by the elites in society.)
  • Do you think Abigail Adams enjoyed being First Lady? (Answers may vary. She described it as "splendid misery" and was busy most of each day entertaining guests and running the household.)

Things to Review

  • Review your child's answers to the reading questions.
  • Review your child's answers to the grammar scavenger hunt.
  • Review your child's activity page about early political parties.