Lesson 8: Genre

Wrapping Up


The many genres of literature give authors so many options when deciding how to write about a particular topic, and they give readers just as many choices about the kinds of books they'd like to read. Exploring genres that are new to you can be a great way to expand your literary horizons!

Life Application

Do you find that the books that grab your attention tend to fall into a particular genre? Maybe you read a lot of mysteries, or you can't put down a good science fiction title. Perhaps you're reading your way through the public library's fantasy offerings, or you turn again and again to the nonfiction section for wonderful biographies. On your next trip to the library, make a point of checking out 2-3 books from genres that you don't normally read. You may want to ask a librarian for assistance — let him or her know what authors or series you currently enjoy and that you are interested in branching out and trying some other genres. Perhaps the librarian will be able to make some suggestions that will introduce you to a new genre and perhaps a new favorite book!

Questions to Discuss

  • How did John Adams's European appointments influence Abigail's life? (Answers will vary. Your child may mention that she had to make a lot of decisions on her own in his absence, that she missed him, that she had the opportunity to travel with him, or that the appointments were critical to his political career and therefore to the future of the entire family.)
  • Which of your friends and teachers/family members do you think have the greatest influence on you today? How so?

Things to Review

  • Review your child's responses to the questions about each day's readings.
  • Review your child's "Matching Genres" activity page.
  • Review your child's "Experimenting with Genre" activity.