Lesson 6: Separation


Activity 1: Paragraph Editing

Carefully read over the selection on the "Paragraph Editing" page. Correct any errors you find in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Look especially for problems related to voice and mood. Consult the editing symbols page for symbols that you can use while editing the paragraph.
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
Answer Key:
  • misspelled words: contagious (1st line); than (3rd line); and vaccine (7th line)
  • sentence fragment: 1st line (incomplete sentence should be joined to previous sentence ("contagious virus that caused blindness...")
  • comma splice: 2nd line (to correct, put a period after "centuries" and begin a new sentence with "Now." Another option is to replace the comma with a semicolon.)
  • apostrophe errors: 2nd line (disease's) and 5th line (bodies) [first example needed an apostrophe added; the second needed it removed]
  • capitalization errors: 2nd line (colonists should not be capitalized) and 3rd line (Boston should be capitalized)
  • subjunctive mood: 6th line (change "that they were" to "that they be")

Activity 2: Vocabulary from Chapters 12-18

Materials: dictionary
In this activity, you will familiarize yourself with vocabulary terms that you have read today in Chapter 12 or will encounter in Chapters 13-18 of Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution:
  • protocol: conventions or formal customs
  • abolish: eliminate or put an end to
  • destitute: impoverished
  • sedition: provoking rebellion
  • apprehension: a fear about something bad happening
  • abhorrance: something looked upon with disgust
  • disconsolate: unhappy
  • impudence: impertinence, not showing propriety or respect
Complete the puzzle on the "Vocabulary" page.
Student Activity Page
In this activity, your child will complete a puzzle related to vocabulary terms for the next several chapters of the reading.

Answer Key:
1 down: protocol
4 down: sedition
6 down: abhorrence
7 down: disconsolate
2 across: abolish
3 across: destitute
5 across: apprehension
8 across: impudence