Lesson 7: Independence

Wrapping Up


Decisions about independence were being made against the backdrop of military conflict. In the next lesson, you will learn more about the experience of soldiers in the American Revolution.

Questions to Discuss

  • How did people get information and access to new ideas in colonial times? (Mail delivery was very slow and often haphazard, but people did have access to newspapers and broadsides that printed news and the text of speeches and sermons. People also attended speeches and sermons in person and shared information by word of mouth.)
  • What was interesting to you or what surprised you about the Declaration of Independence?
  • If you were an apprentice living in colonial Boston, why might you support independence? (Answers will vary, but your child may mention the hope for a better life in an independent nation or looking up to Revolutionary leaders who were runaway apprentices in their youth, or the desire to do something exciting with their lives by going to war.)

Things to Review

  • Review your child's answers to the reading questions.
  • Either discuss the First Great Awakening with your child or listen to his dramatic reading of a portion of Patrick Henry's speech.
  • Review your child's responses on the "Editing the Declaration of Independence" activity page.
  • Review your child's timeline for accuracy.