Lesson 6: Leading Up to Revolution

Wrapping Up


By the 1770s, the stage was set for a major conflict between the colonies and Britain. The British government had repeatedly asserted its authority to pass laws and enact taxes on the colonies while colonists had consistently and creatively resisted that authority, insisting that since they were not represented in Parliament, that body had no power to govern and tax them. As you'll see in the next lesson, this conflict led to a growing sense that perhaps the colonies should become independent of the parent country.

Questions to Discuss

  • What is taxation without representation? (Your child should understand that this means that a group of people is taxed without the ability to have a say in the governmental process. Since the colonists were not represented in Parliament, many colonists believed that Parliament had no right to require taxes or pass laws that affected the colonies.)
  • Which of the Royal Proclamations or acts of Parliament do you think you would have objected to most as an American colonist? Why?
  • What did you like most about the episode of America: The Story of Us that you watched? Is there anything you wished they had told you more about? (Answers will vary. If you have time, you and your child could take a trip to a local library to check out additional books or videos or you could go online to look up additional information that may answer any questions she has.)

Things to Review

  • Review your child's answers to the questions about the miniseries episode.
  • Review your child's movie review or commercial trailer.
  • Review your child's chart about the actions of the British government.
  • Review your child's timeline for accuracy.