Lesson 6: Leading Up to Revolution


Activity 1: The Story of Us

Materials: voice recorder*
Today, you will watch Episode 2 of America: The Story of Us. You will then write either a short movie review of the episode (Option 1) or a movie trailer script advertising the episode (Option 2). Talk to a parent about which option you would like to complete.
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For this activity, your child will watch Episode 2 of America: The Story of Us. If you would like, you can plan a time to watch the episode together or as a family activity. Your child will then choose (with your help) one of the two options to complete afterward.

Option 1 requires more evaluation and critical thinking and a bit more writing and may be the more challenging option for some students. Option 2 requires less writing but does require a strong understanding of audience and creative thinking. Option 2 gives your child the choice to record her script, and that may appeal to students who enjoy audio/visual activities and technology. Talk to your child about the option she would prefer and help her decide on the most appropriate option.

Option 1: Movie Review

Write a review of the episode you just watched. This will be a brief review — just 4-5 sentences. Read the instructions on the "Movie Review" page and then write your review in the space provided or type it using a word processing program on your computer.
Student Activity Page
In this option, your child will write a review of the episode she just viewed, using the activity page provided.

Option 2: Commercial Trailer

You've probably seen trailers for movies — short video commercials that are designed to get people to want to go and see the film. Usually, these have a voice-over that gives the viewer a sense of what the movie is about and what makes the movie sound moving, exciting, inspiring, or otherwise appealing.
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For this activity, use a word processor on your computer or paper and pencil to write out a short script for a trailer that could be created for the episode that you just viewed. Your trailer script should only be 3-4 sentences long. Once you have written the trailer, if you'd like, you can record it using a digital audio device or tape recorder (using your best commercial voice-over voice!) and share the recording with your family.
In this activity, your child will write and (if desired) record the voice-over script for a commercial trailer for the episode that she just viewed.