Lesson 9: Words of Wisdom

Wrapping Up


Today Tree-ear sets out his journey and Crane-man's words of wisdom continue to guide and help him even though Crane-man is not physically present.

Life Application

Have you ever had an elder speak words of wisdom that helped you in some important way? Record the words the person(s) spoke in your journal. Whenever you hear wise words that you think can help you better understand life and people, take the time to write them down in a special journal. Review them often so you can remember them and use them to help you.

Questions to Discuss

  • Do you think Min should teach Tree-ear to be a potter even though Tree-ear is not his son? Why or why not?
  • What did Crane-man say would be Tree-ear's biggest danger on his journey? (People are the greatest danger.) Do you think he will be right? Why or why not?
  • What do you think Tree-ear meant when he thought, "Why was it that pride and foolishness were so often close companions?" (Possible answer: Sometimes a person's pride can stand in the way of what is best or can keep him from making decisions that would be beneficial.)
  • How has pride helped and hurt both Tree-ear and Min? (Answers might include that it has helped Min be a gifted potter, but it almost lost him the commission. It has also hurt Min because it has kept Min from bonding with and teaching Tree-ear. Pride has helped Crane-man live a life of independence and dignity.)
  • Are Tree-ear and Crane-man a family? Are they related by blood? What makes a family?

Things to Review

Discuss with your child what wisdom means.