Lesson 9: Parables

Wrapping Up


The Pearl is a parable that teaches many lessons about life. Today you read some other short parables with clear lessons for the reader. Think about some of the lessons The Pearl teaches. Decide on one of the important lessons and think about a different story you could use to teach the lesson. In the next lesson you will write your own parable.

Life Application

Think about other stories that you feel have taught life lessons with spiritual or moral truths.

Questions to Discuss

  • Did the parables you read today change your thinking in any way?
  • Ask your child if he can explain the definition of each of the vocabulary words or use each one correctly in a sentence.

Things to Review

Discuss each of the "Things to Know" sections of the lessons. Explain that these sections are important for preparing for the test. Discuss some strategies for studying — writing information on note cards, rewriting notes from the lessons in a journal and looking over them, or folding a sheet of notebook paper in half and writing a key word on one half and an explanation on the other. (Look only at the key word and see if you can remember the rest of the information.)