Lesson 6: For Sale

Wrapping Up


As you continue to read the story, you will find that Kino and Juana continue to change as a result of the pearl. As they change, the meaning of the pearl in their lives changes. The discovery of the pearl brings hope and joy, but as time goes on it brings evil as well — fear, greed, and rage.

Life Application

What could be a symbol of wealth in our culture? Would this symbol be a positive symbol, a negative symbol, or both?

Questions to Discuss

  • In the novel it is apparent that those who have money and education have the power. Do you think this is a universal truth? Why or why not?
  • Kino's father felt that people should remain in their God-given place in life and not try to change their position, and if they do so they are endangering themselves. What do you think about this belief?
  • The villagers are worried that Juana and Kino will change. Why do you think the villagers think wealth could make someone greedy, hateful, and cold? Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • How has Kino changed since finding the pearl? (He does not trust anyone. He lives in a state of fear that someone is going to steal his pearl.)

Things to Review

  • Ask your child how prepositional phrases can function in a sentence (as adjectives or adverbs).
  • Ask her to provide an example of an appositive and ask how it functions in the sentence. (Appositives function as nouns.)