Lesson 4: Related Research

Day 2

Activity 2: Completing Your Project

Materials: colored pencils*, note cards*, paper*, ruler*, visual aids*
Today you will finish your project either by creating your travel brochure on La Paz or writing and creating visual aids for your oral presentation on pearl diving.

Option 1: Travel Brochure to La Paz

Today you will make a travel brochure for La Paz, Mexico. Fold a blank piece of paper into thirds.
Brochure Folds
Now complete the brochure, following the directions below. Your brochure should contain pictures and text. Remember the purpose of a travel brochure is to provide information and to entice people to visit the destination.
Brochure Outline
Look over your child's brochure and discuss with her the choices she made about design and which attractions and information she included. Ask her what she found most interesting about La Paz, Mexico.

Option 2: Presentation on Pearl Diving

Organize your note cards to write a one-page presentation on pearl diving. Decide on a logical sequence for the presentation. Then write your report using the information on your note cards.

Decide on the two visual aids you will use for your presentation and when you will use them. Practice giving your presentation with the help of the visual aids. Remember that your report should describe pearl hunting and should engage your viewer. If you just state a lot of facts, you may lose the interest of your audience. Making eye contact with your audience and using inflections in your voice (rather than just reading from the script) will also help engage your audience. When you are ready, give your presentation to your family.

Your presentation will be assessed based on content, delivery, and the effectiveness of visual aids.
Discuss what your child did well in her presentation and what she could have improved. Focus on content, delivery, and the effectiveness of visual aids. Ask what she found most interesting in her research about pearl diving.