Lesson 4: Related Research


Activity 1: Research

Materials: note cards*, paper*
For your mini-research project, you can choose to learn more about the city of La Paz, Mexico and create a travel brochure or you can learn more about the history of pearl diving and give an oral presentation.
Review the two research options with your child and ask her which option most interests her.

Option 1: La Paz, Mexico

Today you will research the city of La Paz, Mexico. You can use the following websites and an encyclopedia to locate information. Use the "La Paz, Mexico" pages to record information you learn about this tourist destination.
Web Link
Web Link
Check to see that your child has collected adequate information about the city of La Paz, Mexico on her graphic organizer.

Option 2: Pearl Diving

Kino is a pearl diver. Pearl diving was a very dangerous profession, and the divers who risked their lives made very little money. Most of the profits went to the dealers who bought the pearls from the divers. The fact that Kino has so few resources and very little education is frustrating to him and causes him to feel he has very little control over his own destiny. With the discovery of the pearl, he believes his situation is about to change.

For this option, you will research the history of pearl diving and give an oral presentation that describes pearl diving. You will write a one-page script for your presentation and will need at least two visual aids. These can be pictures, charts, props, or any other visual element that aids your presentation.

Today you will take notes on note cards about what you learn about pearl diving. You will want to have at least 15 cards. You can use the websites below to discover more about pearl diving.
Web Link
Web Link
Review your child's note cards, making sure she has at least 15.