Lesson 4: Related Research

Getting Started

Today you are going to begin a research project that will provide you with more background information related to the novel. Since the setting plays an important role in the story, one option you have is to research the city of La Paz, Mexico to learn more about its environment and culture. The pearl industry is central to the plot of the story, so your second option is to learn more about the history of pearl diving.

Stuff You Need

  • colored pencils* (Activity 2 - Option 1)
  • note cards* (Activity 1 - Option 2)
  • note cards* (Activity 2 - Option 2)
  • paper* (Activity 1 - Option 1)
  • paper* (Activity 2 - Option 1)
  • ruler* (Activity 2 - Option 1)
  • visual aids* (Activity 2 - Option 2)

* - denotes an optional material that may or may not be needed

Ideas to Think About

  • How do people's ability to control their environment affect their success/happiness in life?


  • Choose language that is precise, engaging, and well suited to the topic and audience. (LA)
  • Write and speak with a command of standard English conventions. (LA)
  • Deliver focused, coherent presentations that convey ideas clearly and relate to the background and interests of the audience. (LA)
  • Evaluate the content of oral communication. (LA)
  • Organize information to achieve particular purposes and to appeal to the background and interests of the audience. (LA) (SS)
  • Use speaking techniques including voice modulation, inflection, tempo, enunciation, and eye contact for effective presentations. (LA)

Introducing the Lesson

Your child can decide whether she wants to research La Paz, Mexico and create a travel brochure or research the history of pearl diving and give an oral presentation. Both the setting and the pearl diving industry of the past play an important role in the story. Your child might need help locating information on her chosen topic. Some websites are provided, but your child should use at least one book as a reference.