Lesson 5: Songs

Wrapping Up


Kino's life will never be the same upon the discovery of the pearl. The irony of his discovery is that the pearl has brought jealousy, rage, and fear into Kino's life; rather than the wealth and happiness he had hoped for.

Questions to Discuss

  • Why do you think the priest comes to visit Kino? (He wants Kino to give some of the money from the sale of the pearl to the church.)
  • Why does the doctor come? (He wants to get money from Kino.) Do you think the doctor is telling the truth when he says that sometimes people suffer some time after the sting of the scorpion? Why or why not? (No, he knows that Kino will not know better and knows the only way he can get money from Kino is to pretend to treat Coyotito.)
  • Why is it so important to Kino that Coyotito go to school? (Kino knows that knowledge gives a person power and that if Coyotito can read, write, and do math, then no one can take advantage of him.)
  • Why do Kino and his people always feel trapped by the more educated? (Because they do not have the knowledge to know when they are being misled or lied to, which causes much risk.)
  • Juana believes the pearl is evil. Do you agree? Why or why not? (Answers will vary.)

Things to Review

Review the vocabulary words for the story. Read through your log of language devices found in the story. Think about how each example affects the reader.