Lesson 2: The Scorpion

Wrapping Up


Today you saw Kino's family's lives change in an instant. You can also see the social and economic divides that exist between the natives in the village and those who live in the town.

Questions to Discuss

  • How are the social classes portrayed in the story? (The natives live in a rustic village and have very few resources or modern-day conveniences. The townspeople live in homes, have money, and have food to eat.)
  • Would you say that Kino is a rich man or a poor man? Why? What makes a person rich or poor? (Answers will vary. Discuss what it means to be rich and that people can be rich in ways other than monetarily.)
  • By the end of this chapter, Kino feels that he cannot keep his family safe or provide for them. How does feeling out of control affect Kino's perspective? (Before the scorpion, Kino was happy and content with his life. Now Kino is feeling powerless, shamed, and angry.)

Things to Review

Materials: journal
Have your child read aloud the descriptive words and phrases from The Pearl that she recorded in her journal.

Ask your child to give you an example of a verb phrase and to explain what is and is not included in a verb phrase. (It includes a verb and its helping verbs but not adverbs or other words.)