Lesson 7: Work and Money

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • How do members of a community work together?
  • What are the responsibilities of community members?

Facts and Definitions

  • People have limited amounts of money.
  • People have to decide how to use the money they have.
  • When people work together, they can often get a job done more quickly.


  • Participate in activities that demonstrate the division of labor (SS)
  • Recognize choices people make to satisfy wants and needs with limited resources (SS)
  • Conduct simple experiments (S)
  • Collect and record information (S)
  • Compare two or more sets of information (S)
  • Draw conclusions and communicate findings (S)
  • Write three and four letter words using correct spelling (LA)
  • Compose sentences and paragraphs to communicate ideas (LA)


  • notebook
  • stopwatch or watch with a second hand


Ask your child if she has ever had to choose between two things. Tell her about a time you had to make a choice. Explain to your child that because people in the community don't have all the money they want, they have to make choices about how to best use their money. Reinforce the distinction between wants and needs.