Lesson 6: Uses of Money

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • What do the communities provide for the people who live in them?
  • What are the responsibilities of community members?

Facts and Definitions

  • People spend, save, and give money they earn.
  • People work for money.
  • People use money to purchase goods and services to satisfy their wants and needs.


  • Identify uses of money (spending, saving, giving) (SS)
  • Describe how people work to earn money (SS)
  • Recognize markets and their role in the exchange of goods and services (SS)
  • Describe characteristics of jobs and a job well done (SS)
  • Practice single-digit addition (M)
  • Use groupings of twos, fives, and tens to solve problems (M)
  • Develop vocabulary by listening to and discussing new words (LA)
  • Use new vocabulary in writing (LA)
  • Use writing to communicate an idea (LA)
  • Compose complete sentences with punctuation (LA)
  • Apply understanding of letter sounds and attempt to spell words (LA)


  • a variety of items that satisfy wants and needs with dollar price tags
  • scissors


Ask your child where people get money. Ask him what people do with the money they make from working.