Lesson 1: Exploring a Community

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • How do communities serve and protect the people who live in them?
  • How do members of a community help meet other members' needs?

Facts and Definitions

  • Rural means in the country.
  • Urban means in the city.
  • A three-dimensional shape stands on its own and is not flat.


  • Identify and explore different communities (SS)
  • Recognize goods and services provided by the community (SS)
  • Describe jobs that contribute to goods and services (SS)
  • Investigate features of maps (SS)
  • Create simple maps (SS)
  • Recognize, draw, and build three dimensional shapes: rectangular prisms, cubes, cones, and cylinders (M)
  • Solve problems using spatial visualization (M)
  • Listen and respond to stories read aloud (LA)
  • Read and comprehend fiction (LA)


  • 3 sheets of poster board
  • scissors


Ask your child what a community is. Ask him to describe his community.