Lesson 3: Jobs in the Community

Day 2

Activity 4: When I Grow Up

Read the example paragraph below. Then, explain to your child that he is going to write his own paragraph about being a community worker based on what he learned during the time he spent with the community worker. Use the sheet, "When I Grow Up," as a guide — your child can dictate his ideas for you to record or can attempt to record his own ideas on the page. In the box at the bottom of the page, he can draw himself in the role of the worker.

When I grow up I could be a firefighter. I could help people if they had a fire. I would like being a firefighter because I could sound the alarm, slide down the pole, and drive the fire truck. It might be hard to be a firefighter because I would have to put out fires, but this would be a good job because people would need me if their homes were burning.

Once you have finished recording your child's dictated paragraph, encourage him to attempt to read what he wrote. Let your child read his paragraph aloud for the family. Help him to dress up like the community worker and have props that the worker might use. For example, a letter carrier might have a hat, navy blue pants/shorts, stamps, and a bag full of envelopes. See if the family can guess which community worker he is and then let him share the "When I Grow Up" page.

Activity 5: Community Workers

Read through the list of community workers from Activity 1. Ask your child to record one simple sentence about how each worker helps the citizens of the community. Encourage your child to say each sentence aloud. Then, encourage him to attempt to write the words he is capable of sounding out, even if they are not spelled correctly. It is fine to record the more challenging words for your child.

A simpler option would be to have your child dictate the sentence for each worker while you record it. Then, ask him to copy each sentence as you work through the different community workers.

Activity 6: The Day of a Community Worker

Materials: books about community workers from the local library
Look for books about community workers at the local library. You and your child can read about the nature of their jobs and how they help the citizens in the community.