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Semester 1

Unit Review Sheet

These facts and definitions should be mastered throughout this unit. This page can be used for periodic review and study as you are finishing the unit and in the future.

Facts and Definitions

Lesson 1: Word Families and Long Vowel Review

Lesson 2: Vowel Teams Review

Lesson 3: Complex Consonants Review

Lesson 4: R-Controlled Vowels Review

Lesson 5: More R-Controlled Vowels

Lesson 6: Other Vowel Sounds

Lesson 7: More Long Vowel Spellings

Lesson 8: Vowel Sounds Review

Lesson 9: Complex Consonants: dge vs. ge

Lesson 10: Complex Consonants: tch vs. ch, ck vs. k

Lesson 11: Final e: ce, ve, ze, se

Lesson 12: Homophones

Lesson 13: Making Plurals

Lesson 14: Uncommon Plurals

Lesson 15: Words Ending with ed and ing

Lesson 16: Words Ending with er and est

Lesson 17: Semester Review