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Moving Beyond the Page is available in both hard copy and /Online formats. Read on to determine whether our /Online format is a good fit for your family.

/Online or Hard-Copy Curriculum

* NEW * Online access is now included with every hard-copy purchase. (Learn more)

Moving Beyond the Page curriculum is available in either hard-copy or online format. Our online and hard-copy curriculum are EXACTLY the same. You are not choosing between a hands-on, literature-based curriculum and a fully digital sit in front of the computer all day curriculum. With either curriculum, you and your child will be completing the same activities, reading the same books, and finishing the same projects. The difference really comes down to preference. If you would like to read your daily lessons on an iPad or iPhone, the online curriculum is right for you. If you like to have a hard-copy book in your hands, the choice is clear.

This page describes the /Online curriculum in detail. If you need more help deciding, check out this FAQ.

Moving Beyond the Page /Online Benefits

  • Less expensive than hard copy curriculum
    Moving Beyond the Page /Online is a less-expensive alternative to hard-copy curriculum. With no curriculum books to print, stock, and ship, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

  • No shipping charges (great for international, Alaska, and Hawaii customers)
    You will not pay any shipping charges for the portion of your purchase that is made up on /Online units. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally, this can save you a shipping surcharge that can be between 20% and 50% of your order. Note that shipping charges may apply to the parts of your order that are actually shipped.

  • Quick access to videos, pictures, and websites on the Internet
    Moving Beyond the Page curriculum features links to a variety of online material including articles, images, videos, and games. With the /Online version, this content is quick and easy to access. While the hard copy curriculum still contains link information, this content is more readily accessible and more likely to be used if it only a click away.

  • Integrated with Portfolio and IdeaShare
    Moving Beyond the Page /Online provides quick one-click access to our unique community of parents and educators through Portfolio and IdeaShare™.

    Portfolio is an online tool that enables you to document and share your work with other families and teachers. IdeaShare lets you share good ideas and resources you used while implementing a lesson. Both of these tools are available to all Moving Beyond the Page families, but they are even easier to access from the /Online lessons.

  • Start using your curriculum today
    With Moving Beyond the Page /Online, you can start reviewing and using your curriculum immediately.

  • Reading and Questions sections can be typed online and printed instead of written by hand
    Most language arts lessons include a required reading that is followed up with 3-5 questions. Moving Beyond the Page /Online enables students to enter the answers to these questions on the computer. They can then print these answers for evaluation and to save in a notebook. Great for children that prefer typing to writing.

  • Family-friendly copyright enables use by multiple siblings in the same family
    Moving Beyond the Page /Online is licensed to a family, so you can print as many copies of student activity pages as you need for your children's use.

  • Compatible with iPhone and other mobile devices
    Moving Beyond the Page /Online can be accessed from a mobile phone or tablet using the built-in web browser or our iOS app. Our curriculum is compatible with the iPhone and most other mobile devices. This enables you to easily take Moving Beyond the Page with you on the road, access your curriculum from any room in the house, and pull up a list of required materials at the store.

Moving Beyond the Page /Online Technical Requirements

  • Computer with high-speed Internet connection
  • Printer
  • Adobe Reader software (free)

Licensing Details

The licensing of Moving Beyond the Page /Online is simple. You will have full access to your online units for 18 months from the date of purchase. Be sure to review our return policy. If you have not downloaded the student activity pages for a unit, /Online units are subject to the same 30 day return and 90 day exchange policy that our hard-copy curriculum is subject to. /Online units are not eligible for refund once the student activity pages have been downloaded.

If you have additional questions, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.