Moving Beyond the Page Learning Centers

Homeschooling Is Better with Friends

Moving Beyond the Page Learning Centers are groups of local homeschoolers who meet for classes two days per week and homeschool the other three. Courses are comprehensive with 72 classes that cover science, social studies, and language arts. Courses can be taught in your home or in a local community center. Teaching duties can be split up like a co-op or assigned to a dedicated teacher. Learning Centers are flexible to support the way you want to homeschool.

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Learn More About Moving Beyond the Page Learning Centers

If you are brand new to Learning Centers and are curious to learn more, these videos and documentation will provide you with an overview of this great new way to homeschool and give you a plan for what to do next.

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Introduction to Learning Centers
A Week in the Life

Start Your Own Learning Center

There are many reasons to start a new Learning Center. Learning Centers can be a great way to stay connected with friends and build community, and they can also provide part-time or full-time employment. This documentation will provide you with the information you need to start and run a successful Moving Beyond the Page Learning Center.

Learning Center courses can be structured in one of three ways.

Learning Center Co-Op

A Learning Center Co-Op is a Learning Center where parents share the teaching time. This has the advantage of being less expensive, but it does require a higher time commitment on the part of the familes involved.

Home-Based Learning Center

A Home-Based Learning Center looks a lot like a co-op, except that courses will have a dedicated teacher. The teaching position can be a paid position. The teacher may be one of the parents or an outside teacher that the Learning Center brings in.

Community Learning Center

A Community Learning Center will probably meet in a public building, and courses will generally have a dedicated teacher. Community Learning Centers will usually offer most or all of the Learning Center courses available.

Documentation and Planning Worksheets