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Lesson 5: Discovering Animal Habitats

Lesson Links
  1. National Geographic This site features animals from various habitats. Click on one of the habitats listed under "That live in" (left side of the page) to view animals in a specific habitat.
  2. BBC Science Clips (Interactive) -
  3. Scholastic Habitat Game -
  4. Habitat Matching Game -


Deep Sea Habitat - posted from Glenside, PA

We really enjoyed reading and talking about the pictures in the following books to explore ocean life:

Down, Down, Down: A Journey to the Bottom of the Sea by Steve Jenkins (amazing illustrations and fascinating explanations)

Shimmer and Splash: The Sparkling World of Sea Life by Jim Arnosky (shows actual sizes with fold out pages)

The Magic School Bus: On the Ocean Floor

Concept 1: Environment
+ Unit 1: Habitats and Homes
-----1: My Environment (6)
-----2: What Is a Map? (3)
-----3: Guide to Animal Habitats (4)
-----4: Animals Live and Grow (88)
-----5: Discovering Animal Habitats (85)
-----6: Exploring Animal Habitats (0)
-----7: Tools in My Environment (0)
-----8: Animal Care (2)
-----9: Animal Designs (1)
-----10: Amazing Animals (0)
-----11: Amazing Me (0)
-----Final Project: Animal Research / My Environment (0)
+ Unit 2: Weather
+ Unit 3: Community


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