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Lesson 2: What Is a Map?


Me on the Map flip book - posted from Lancaster, CA

In addition to the activities we made map flip books. My daughter drew pictures of our house and we printed pictures of our neighborhood, city, state, country, continent, and world and tied them all together. It has served as a fun reminder and she was able to retain the concept quite easily.

In addition we looked broke down a large cardboard box and drew a map of our neighborhood that they can "drive their cars around on.

Creating a map with the cat in the hat - posted from Portland, OR

The Math Idea

Creating simple maps of familiar places, and then asking kids to use these maps to find hidden objects is a fun way to teach kids basic map skills and hone their spatial skills. This activity will also help kids develop an understanding of direction (which way?), location (where?), and representation (what a drawing stands for). As you do the activity with your child, use words that describe an object’s location and position relative to other objects, such as above, next to, below, behind, and between. Encourage your child to use these words, too.

Skills: geometry and spatial sense

Age Range: 3-6 year olds

Mapping Your Back Yard - posted from yakima, WA

Instead of mapping my kids' room, I had them map the backyard as suggested in the optional extension activity. I had my kids both climb up on the top of our play structure with a clipboard so it was easier for them to grasp the idea of drawing things from an aerial view.

Then, we got on Google Maps and looked at what the actual aerial view of our house and backyard looked at how their maps compared to that picture. The kids were so excited to see an actual picture of it from the air and it helped them to understand the correct sizing proportions for their maps.

The other thing that was really helpful is to zoom out from our house on Google Maps so they could see the street name and then as we zoomed out they could see our city's name, then our state, and finally our country.

Concept 1: Environment
+ Unit 1: Habitats and Homes
-----1: My Environment (6)
-----2: What Is a Map? (3)
-----3: Guide to Animal Habitats (4)
-----4: Animals Live and Grow (88)
-----5: Discovering Animal Habitats (85)
-----6: Exploring Animal Habitats (0)
-----7: Tools in My Environment (0)
-----8: Animal Care (2)
-----9: Animal Designs (1)
-----10: Amazing Animals (0)
-----11: Amazing Me (0)
-----Final Project: Animal Research / My Environment (0)
+ Unit 2: Weather
+ Unit 3: Community


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