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Lesson 6: Geologic Time

Lesson Links
  1. The Nature of Time in the Geologic Record This is the article containing the excerpt you read. You may find the pictures of the newspaper stack and rock layers useful. If you are interested, you can read the whole article.
  2. The Grand Age of Rocks This page from the National Parks Service contains several pictures and diagrams that you may find useful.


Create An Earthquake/Tsunami Safe-House - posted from Bremerton, WA

For this activity, you will need materials such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, foil, tape, ect. or things you can find around the house to create a miniature house. When you build it, make sure it has a structure like a real house, requiring a roof and walls. You may decorate it if you like.

Once you have buit your house, draw or take a picture of it, then smash it around, throw rocks at it, run it under/in water and see if it floats or gets wet inside. Do whatever you think what would happen to a house in an earthquake.

When you are out of destruction ideas, draw a picture in your journal or take a picture to see the difference from what it looked like at the beginning.

Concept 1: Semester 1
+ Unit 1: Egypt and Mesopotamia
+ Unit 1: The Hydrosphere
+ Unit 1: The Pearl
+ Unit 2: A Girl Named Disaster
+ Unit 2: Africa Today
+ Unit 2: The Atmosphere
+ Unit 3: Australia and Oceania
+ Unit 3: The Hobbit
+ Unit 3: The Lithosphere
-----1: Shifting, Drifting, and Spreading (0)
-----2: Plate Interactions (1)
-----3: Rocks and Minerals (1)
-----4: Seismic Waves (0)
-----5: Earthquake and Volcano Research (1)
-----6: Geologic Time (1)
-----7: Pedosphere and Soil (1)
-----Final Project: Our Lithosphere and Pedosphere (0)
+ Unit 4: A Single Shard
+ Unit 4: Ancient Asia
+ Unit 4: Ecosystems and Ecology
+ Unit 5: Asia Today
+ Unit 5: Earth Cycles and Systems
+ Unit 5: Independent Study


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