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Lesson 1: Our Solar System

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Updates to Activities 4 and 5 - posted from Durham, NC

Activities 4 and 5 have been revised. The following PDF contains the updated student text, activity pages, and parent sections. (This update applies to users of hard-copy curriculum with a print date before August 2021.)

If the Moon Were Only a Pixel - posted from College Station, TX

This is an interesting way to introduce kids to the size, immensity, and emptiness of our solar system. It starts with the moon as a single pixel and an image of the relative size of the sun. Then you can scroll through the entire solar system at the speed of light to see how far apart everything is and what their relative sizes are.

Largest Radio Telescope - posted from East Corinth, VT

As of 2016 the largest radio telescope was built in China 500 m. across. The Usborne space book we have is a copyright of 2001 and lists the largest radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

Nasa Interactive Solar System - posted from Olivehurst, CA

Students can click through planets that rotate and have Nasa explanations and photos.

Planets' Elliptical Orbits - posted from Midland, MI

This is an excellent video that explains Activity 2: Ellipses.

Astronomy for kid's website - posted from North Palm Beach, FL

Learn more about the planets.