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Lesson 3: The Southeast

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The Florida Everglades Video - posted from College Station, TX

Nature Boom Time series from Nat Geo Kids. In this episode of “Nature Boom Time,” follow Kirby and Charlie as they undertake a two-day canoe trip through the Florida everglades to find out about mangroves and their importance to this coastal ecosystem.

Southeast Region Video - posted from Nolensville, TN

Appalachian Wildlife - posted from Newport, WA

a good website to read about the wildlife found in the Appalachian mountains.

The Appalachian Mountains - posted from Newport, WA

This is a video of a man hiking the Appalachian trail. His footage was then put into this 5 minutes video.

Louisiana Bayou - posted from Newport, WA

This is a video of a group tour through the swamps of Louisiana. It has a lot of parts I didn't think were worth watching so here are the time stamps for where I started the video had my son watch for a bit and then skipped to the next time 6:42, 10:39, 17:06.

Smoky Mountains - posted from Newport, WA

This is a 6 minute video highlighting animals and landscapes of the smoky Mountains. There is not talking.

Virginia Beach - posted from Newport, WA

This is a short video of different things to do in the Virginia Beach area. There is no talking it just shows pictures of the attractions.

Florida Everglades - posted from Newport, WA

National Geographic 3 minute video about the Everglades National Park.

Mississippi Delta - posted from Amherst, NH

We had a bit of difficulty finding information my child wanted to use for the scene, but along the way I found this interactive coloring page