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Lesson 1: A Unique Family

Looking for Lesson Links? The have moved to


Online Book Club for Wrinkle in Time - posted from Nolensville, TN

This website has book clubs for lots of books, including Wrinkle in Time. There are links to lots of enrichment "rabbit holes" that may be fund for kids to explore.

Improvements to Short Story Elements - posted from Durham, NC

We added some story cards for students who need help with the various story elements of their short story (protagonist, theme, etc.). The following PDF contains the updated student sections, activity pages, and parent sections for the revised and reorganized sections, as follows:

  • Protagonist: previously in Lesson 10, now in Lesson 4
  • Antagonist: previously in Lesson 8, now in Lesson 6
  • Setting: previously in Lesson 3, now in Lesson 8
  • Theme: still in Lesson 9, with some improvements
  • Problem/Solution: a new activity, now in Lesson 10
(This update applies to users of hard-copy curriculum with a print date of March 2021 or earlier.) -Moving Beyond the Page

Hook, line, and sinker: the best opening lines in children’s and young adult fiction - posted from Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Compilation of a some opening lines of classic YA books and why these openers are so effective. Great for students who need more examples of what they have to write in Activity 1