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Lesson 4: Ocean Life

Looking for Lesson Links? The have moved to


IMAX Deep Sea Teacher Resource and Worksheets for Students - posted from ,

IMAX Deep Sea - posted from ,

Great Video. $2.99 to rent using Youtube. Additional free teacher resource for the film along with standards for each subject.

EPA game no longer available - posted from Durham, NC

Unfortunately, the EPA fishing game is no longer online. The optional activity that featured the game has been deleted from the unit.

—Karen Brown, Director of Curriculum

Snapping Shrimp Audio - posted from Summerville, SC

link in Awesome Ocean Science book is broken so here is another file.

IMAX Into the Deep DVD - posted from Cornelius, NC

This movie is also available through Netflix.

Ocean Oasis - posted from El Dorado Hills, CA

Here's another film titled "Ocean Oasis." It can also be purchased through the San Diego Natural History Museum. You can be routed there by clicking on the SDNHM button (presently, the DVD button doesn't route properly). The index button provides options for more information on marine life.

IMAX Into the Deep - posted from El Dorado Hills, CA

This is a link to the San Diego History Museum's page on the IMAX Into the Deep film, which provides the following synopsis along with an option to purchase it through them. "Filmed off the coast of Southern California, this fascinating film journeys to an enchanting underwater world of swaying kelp forests and glowing corals. Swim nose to nose with colorful garibaldi, starfish and sharks, play tag with sea lions, and observe the rarely-seen behavior of the creatures of the eternal undersea night." You can also take a look at The San Diego Natural History Museum link, though, has a double benefit in that you can browse their other tabs to support your child's ocean unit.