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Lesson 1: Story Context

Looking for Lesson Links? The have moved to


World War II synopsis - posted from El Segundo, CA

Excellent information about WWII tailored for elementary aged children.

Travel with Kids, Curaçao - posted from Sweet Grass, MT

Blog overview of their trip and corresponding tv episode was an excellent look at the island. We watched it streaming free on Hoopla through our library or it is available on YouTube

WWII Ships for kids - posted from Sweet Grass, MT

Descriptions of various ships involved in the war

Elementary level WWII overview - posted from Amherst, NH

From Scholasitc, aimed at teachers, but works well for the student

Pronunciation of Curacao - posted from Beaver Springs, PA

Proper pronunciation moving forward :)

Activity 2 - posted from Jacksonville, FL

Have them look at the photo gallery on that website suggested. It contains beautiful pictures that will help give them an idea on what to write when they write about the beauty of the place.

WWII - posted from APO, AE, AE

I brushed up on my WWII history here and selected paragraphs for my daughter to read (otherwise it would have been overwhelming for her).