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Lesson 1: Russia East of the Ural Mountains

Lesson Links
  1. Siberia's Forbidden Wilderness: Supplemental Information If your child has an interest in nature, you might find the episode "Kamatchka: Siberia's Forbidden Wilderness" from the PBS series <i>The Living Edens</i>, which may be available from video rental services, to be a helpful supplement. The website for the PBS series includes this page for teachers and some of the science lesson plans and activities listed there could be adapted for homeschool use if you have the time and interest. Activities include making a working model of a geyser and dissecting a fish.
  2. The Living Edens If you're interested in learning more about Siberia, this website from the PBS series <i>The Living Edens</i> has a number of interesting sections.
  3. More on the Siberian Tiger You can find more information on this page from National Geographic.
  4. Siberian Tiger Video And you can view a video here.
  5. BrainPop BrainPop also has a video about the tundra that you can access if you are a subscriber.
  6. More on Russia You can learn more about Russia here.
  7. The Siberian Tiger You can also learn about the Siberian tiger through this article from the Russian Geographical Society.


- posted from newport, DC

The Living Edens If you're interested in learning more about Siberia, this website from the PBS series, The Living Edens, has a number of interesting sections.

Wild Russia - posted from McKinney, TX

Wild Russia is a BBC series showing on Animal Planet.

Wild China and Wild Japan are available to stream on Netflix.

Concept 1: Semester 1
+ Unit 1: Egypt and Mesopotamia
+ Unit 1: The Hydrosphere
+ Unit 1: The Pearl
+ Unit 2: A Girl Named Disaster
+ Unit 2: Africa Today
+ Unit 2: The Atmosphere
+ Unit 3: Australia and Oceania
+ Unit 3: The Hobbit
+ Unit 3: The Lithosphere
+ Unit 4: A Single Shard
+ Unit 4: Ancient Asia
+ Unit 4: Ecosystems and Ecology
+ Unit 5: Asia Today
-----1: Russia East of the Ural Mountains (2)
-----2: Turkey and Cyprus (0)
-----3: The Middle East (0)
-----4: Central Asia (0)
-----5: The Indian Subcontinent (0)
-----6: East Asia and Japan (1)
-----7: Mainland Southeast Asia (0)
-----8: Maritime Southeast Asia (0)
-----9: The Indian Ocean (0)
-----Final Project: A Tour of Asia (0)
+ Unit 5: Earth Cycles and Systems
+ Unit 5: Independent Study


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