How to Homeschool in Utah

Utah is one of the easiest states for you to begin homeschooling your family in. Not only does it have few regulations to follow, but also it allows you to be very free with how you want to teach your child. Despite only having one rule for you to follow, Utah|s homeschooling law can be a bit confusing so this article will help to clarify the rule and assist you in starting homeschooling.
In this article you will find an:
  • Overview of Utah homeschool laws
  • Introduction to homeschool groups in Utah
  • Description of how Moving Beyond the Page can help you get started

* This page does not contain legal advice and is not an endorsement of any homeschool groups listed. (see disclaimer)

Utah Homeschool Laws

Utah is very free in how you decide to homeschool your child. They hold no regulations regarding the subjects you teach and how you teach them. You also do not need any special educational degree to teach your child from home. The only thing that Utah requires of you is to file a signed and notarized affidavit. The affidavit is basically a note that says your child is being homeschooled and that you take full responsibility for their education. Here are a few important facts you should note about the affidavit:
  • You only need to file it once (When you start homeschooling)
  • You must file it for EACH child you homeschool
  • The affidavit will be sent to your child's school district
Once you have sent your affidavit, you will receive a certificate of exemption, which allows you to take your child out of the public school system and homeschool your child. For more information about affidavits click here.

Homeschool Groups in Utah

Homeschooling your children is a daunting task, but there are many groups and organizations in Utah to help you out. Here are some organizations you may want to look into.

Utah Christian Home School Association (UTCH)
This homeschool group’s main focus is to encourage and support homeschool families in the Salt Lake City area. They hold annual conventions for its members, in which you can meet other homeschool families and learn more about homeschool styles across the state. Since Utah is such a free state when it comes to homeschooling, many families have different ways of teaching. These conventions are one way to see what other ways you might be able to teach your family. You can also learn more about college planning at the conventions as well as have your children meet other homeschool children. UTCH is a great place for beginners who want to meet people sharing in similar experiences and provide the encouragement you may need.
Southern Utah Homeschool Group
The Southern Utah Homeschool Group serves the Southern Utah area and they meet together to discuss ideas for homeschooling, as well as plan fieldtrips and projects for the homeschool kids. When you homeschool your child may not have the same opportunities to meet other children or go on fun, educational field trips, so the Southern Utah Homeschool Group works to ensure that if you want you child to have those opportunities they can. The best part is that you can have a say in what activities and fieldtrips your child can go on because this group emphasizes working together to plan all events.
The Inspired Child
This homeschool group meets throughout Utah. As a member of the Inspired Child you will have access to supportive meetings in which you can meet with other homeschool parents to share your worries and stresses, and find support from those who are going through the same things you are. You will also have access to several events planned for members. From field trips to fun outdoor activities like rock climbing, snowshoe adventures and ropes courses. From extra classes that your children can take in a classroom setting once or twice a month, to group deals on museums, The Inspired Child is a great place to meet new people and take part in educational and fun activities created just for homeschool families.
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NOTE: You can find a wealth of local and state groups offering homeschooling advice and support on sites such as Facebook and Yahoo Groups. You can search by city or county, religious preference, homeschooling philosophy, and more. You will need a free account on these sites to join one of their groups.

A Homeschool Curriculum for Utah

Moving Beyond the Page is a homeschool curriculum that exceeds the requirements for homeschooling in the state of Utah. All of the Moving Beyond the Page packages cover science, social studies, and language arts, and we offer a range of math programs as well. The Utah legal requirements are only a starting point, and our curriculum utilizes a range of educational strategies that are designed to foster a love of learning in children including:

  • Hands-on activities,
  • Differentiated options, and
  • Independent projects.

Moving Beyond the Page encourages critical thinking and creativity while encouraging your child's unique learning style like no other curriculum on the market. If your child is a hands-on learner, a gifted learner, or a creative free-thinker, then you should look into Moving Beyond the Page for your child.

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Any information about the laws in your state is provided to help you understand your legal requirements to homeschool in your state. It should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. This information was not compiled by a lawyer. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws that you will be homeschooling under. If you have questions, you should seek the advice of a lawyer that operates in your state.

Moving Beyond the Page does not endorse any of the homeschool groups that are included in these pages. They are provided only for your benefit. You should research any group to ensure that they align with your family's goals and philosophies.