How to Homeschool in Nebraska

While the state of Nebraska may not recognize homeschooling as an option for educating your child, there are ways for you to teach your child from home. If you research homeschooling in Nebraska you may come up more confused, so this article will help you to understand how you can teach your child from the comforts of you home and what you need to do to comply with state regulations. In this article you will find an:
  • An overview of Nebraska homeschool laws
  • An introduction to homeschool groups in Nebraska
  • A description of how Moving Beyond the Page can help you get started

* This page does not contain legal advice and is not an endorsement of any homeschool groups listed. (see disclaimer)

Nebraska Homeshool Laws

If you wish to homeschool your child, you will need to become a private school. Since Nebraska only recognizes public and private schools as forms of education, you will need to create a private school in your home. In order to do this you will need to do the following:
  • File a Parent/Guardian Form
  • File a Parent Representative Form
  • File an Information Summary
  • Submit your child's birth certificate to the Nebraska Department of Education the first year you begin homeschooling
  • Your instruction must be at least 1,032 hours
  • You must teach the core subjects,
    • Language arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social studies
    • Health
Notice of Intent
By August 1st of the first year you begin homeschooling, you will need to file a notice of intent with the state commissioner. The notice of intent contains the Parent/Guardian form and the Parent Representative form. The letter will have you state that you believe the public school system will not provide your child with the education they need or that the public school system violates your religious beliefs. The letter will also state that you will provide sufficient education in the core subjects listed above. You will also attach your child's birth certificate with the notice of intent. Forms are available online here.

Information Summary
You will need to submit an information summary along with your notice of intent. This form will also be needed to file each year you homeschool your child no later than April 15th. The summary will include:
  • A calendar for the school year that meets the total hours required
  • A list of all instructors for the homeschool (names, addresses, ages, levels of education, and the names of the schools attended)
  • A summary of lesson plans and overview of how you will instruct your child in the core subjects listed above.

Homeschool Groups in Nebraska

Homeschooling your children is a daunting task, but there are many groups and organizations in Nebraska to help you out. Here are some organizations you may want to look into.

Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association (NCHEA)
The NCHEA is a Christian homeschool group that focuses on providing encouragement and support to the homeschool families in Nebraska. They provide a place for you to meet other families and meet with professionals so that you can share ideas and any concerns that you may have about homeschooling. They also hold a conference each year for you to learn about new teaching techniques as well as information about homeschooling in Nebraska. NCHEA is also a place for you to meet others who share your same opinions about having your child where God wants them to be.
Home Educators Network (HEN)
This homeschool group serves the Eastern Nebraska region, and provides help, support and encouragement to its homeschooling members. They provide a new homeschooler orientation for families who are new to homeschooling. This is a great time to ask questions about any concern you may have, as well as meet people who are going through the same things you are at the time. HEN also holds a summer conference where members can share ideas as well as learn about homeschooling in Nebraska. Finally HEN provides weekly newsletters that provide information about the group as well as other homeschool groups and resources in the state. Home Educators Network’s main focus is to help you with anything you need.
Valley Home School Association (VHSA)
VHSA is a Christian organization that provides opportunities for homeschool families in the Western Nebraska area to get together. This parent-led support group provides monthly parent meetings, field trips, PE opportunities, classes and family night. They recognize that homeschooling can limit some of the opportunities that children have, and they try to give those opportunities back. VHSA is a great place to meet people, create friendships, and take part in events that can help enrich your child’s education.
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NOTE: You can find a wealth of local and state groups offering homeschooling advice and support on sites such as Facebook and Yahoo Groups. You can search by city or county, religious preference, homeschooling philosophy, and more. You will need a free account on these sites to join one of their groups.

A Homeschool Curriculum for Nebraska

Moving Beyond the Page is a homeschool curriculum that exceeds the requirements for homeschooling in the state of Nebraska. All of the Moving Beyond the Page packages cover science, social studies, and language arts, and we offer a range of math programs as well. The Nebraska legal requirements are only a starting point, and our curriculum utilizes a range of educational strategies that are designed to foster a love of learning in children including:

  • Hands-on activities,
  • Differentiated options, and
  • Independent projects.

Moving Beyond the Page encourages critical thinking and creativity while encouraging your child's unique learning style like no other curriculum on the market. If your child is a hands-on learner, a gifted learner, or a creative free-thinker, then you should look into Moving Beyond the Page for your child.

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Any information about the laws in your state is provided to help you understand your legal requirements to homeschool in your state. It should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. This information was not compiled by a lawyer. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws that you will be homeschooling under. If you have questions, you should seek the advice of a lawyer that operates in your state.

Moving Beyond the Page does not endorse any of the homeschool groups that are included in these pages. They are provided only for your benefit. You should research any group to ensure that they align with your family's goals and philosophies.