How to Homeschool in Idaho

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Homeschooling in Idaho

You may not have known that Idaho is home to the deepest gorge in the United States, or that Idaho's state seal is the only one in the country designed by a woman. You also might not have known that homeschooling in Idaho is very easy. Idaho requires very little from you if you decide to homeschool your family. However, the legislature can seem a bit confusing so this article will help to show you just how easy it can be to start educating your child from home. In this article you will find an:
  • An overview of Idaho homeschool laws
  • An introduction to homeschool groups in Idaho
  • A description of how Moving Beyond the Page can help you get started

* This page does not contain legal advice and is not an endorsement of any homeschool groups listed. (see disclaimer)

Idaho Homeschool Laws

Idaho offers tremendous freedoms when it comes to homeschooling your children compared to other states. The only requirement that Idaho has for homeschooling is that you teach your children the same subjects commonly taught in public schools. Other than that, Idaho does not need anything else from you.
  • You do NOT need to have curriculum approved by school district
  • You do NOT need to provide a letter of intent to your child's superintendent
  • You do NOT have hour/day requirements for instruction
  • You do NOT need to answer questionnaires provided by the state about your teachings
  • You do NOT need any teaching qualification (i.e. high school/college diploma)
  • You do NOT need to take standardized tests
You should note that while it is not required for your child to take standardized tests in Idaho, it is encouraged that your child take them periodically so to ensure that educational progress is being made and to help you spot any areas of weakness your child may have.

Homeschool Groups in Idaho

Homeschooling your children is a daunting task, but there are many groups and organizations in Idaho to help you out. Here are some organizations you may want to look into.

Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State (CHOIS)
CHOIS is a Christian homeschool support group that inspires people to educate their children from home. They promote the freedoms that homeschooling offers and supports those who have started the homeschool lifestyle. Joining this group will give you access to their annual convention where you can meet other homeschool families in the state, as well as learn about homeschooling techniques and teaching philosophies. You will also gain access to their magazine, which will keep you informed on all things pertaining to homeschooling in Idaho. CHOIS's website will also provide you with information about Idaho homeschool laws and testing opportunities should you choose to have your child take a test. You can be as involved or uninvolved with the group as you choose.
North Idaho Panhandle Homeschooling Community (NIPHC)
This informal group works to support the homeschooling community in the north panhandle of Idaho. Volunteers help to provide guidance and support when needed, as well as providing activities, lessons, and projects to the children who are a part of the group. Whether you are interested in gaining some support and meeting people who share in your homeschooling experiences, or you are interested in volunteering and helping other homeschool families out, NIPHC could be perfect for your family.
North Idaho Home Educators Association (NIHEA)
NIHEA is a Christian homeschool support group that serves the Coeur D|Alene and surrounding areas. They offer monthly support meeting for homeschooling parents, a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on all things homeschooling in Idaho, and several educational and fun activities for you kids to take part in. NIHEA breaks up its members into small groups that will meet for field trips and recreational events. This allows you to become close with all the other parents and kids in the group and become each other's supporters when needed. Finally, NIHEA has a wide variety of resources for its members to utilize, like books and teaching supplies. NIHEA works to meet its member's needs and help you through your homeschooling experience.
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NOTE: You can find a wealth of local and state groups offering homeschooling advice and support on sites such as Facebook and Yahoo Groups. You can search by city or county, religious preference, homeschooling philosophy, and more. You will need a free account on these sites to join one of their groups.

A Homeschool Curriculum for Idaho

Moving Beyond the Page is a homeschool curriculum that exceeds the requirements for homeschooling in the state of Idaho. All of the Moving Beyond the Page packages cover science, social studies, and language arts, and we offer a range of math programs as well. The Idaho legal requirements are only a starting point, and our curriculum utilizes a range of educational strategies that are designed to foster a love of learning in children including:

  • Hands-on activities,
  • Differentiated options, and
  • Independent projects.

Moving Beyond the Page encourages critical thinking and creativity while encouraging your child's unique learning style like no other curriculum on the market. If your child is a hands-on learner, a gifted learner, or a creative free-thinker, then you should look into Moving Beyond the Page for your child.

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Any information about the laws in your state is provided to help you understand your legal requirements to homeschool in your state. It should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. This information was not compiled by a lawyer. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws that you will be homeschooling under. If you have questions, you should seek the advice of a lawyer that operates in your state.

Moving Beyond the Page does not endorse any of the homeschool groups that are included in these pages. They are provided only for your benefit. You should research any group to ensure that they align with your family's goals and philosophies.