We Want to Help You Start Homeschooling Right Away

Online Access Comes with Every Order

Although it may be a while before your curriculum order is shipped, you don’t have to wait to start homeschooling. Online access is now included with every curriculum order placed on or after July 1. This means that you can start homeschooling right away with our online access, and then easily transition into the hard copy when it arrives.

This does present one major obstacle. We are a literature-based curriculum, and you do still need the literature to get started. Here is what you can do. Use the links below to review the booklist for your age level. If you are ready to start a unit, order that book from Amazon, and then cancel it from your order using the account page of our website. When your order is shipped, you won't be charged for the items you cancel.

We do anticipate running out of many of the science and math kits in mid August. Many of our units can be finished without the kits, so you can either try to use the curriculum without the kit, or you can move on to a different unit until we are able to get a kit to you.

The following links will take you to the book list for each age level.