Community Forum and IdeaShare™ Guidelines

We want the Moving Beyond the Page website to be more than just a place to learn about Moving Beyond the Page curriculum. We also want it to be a resource for parents that want to understand more about giftedness and creativity and how to meet their children's needs through homeschooling. Parents should be also be able to learn about new trends in education, why they matter, and how they can put this knowledge to use for their children. With the addition of the Moving Beyond the Page Community Forum and IdeaShare, the website will also enable parents to reach out to each other and learn from each other. Through the combined efforts of the broader community, we can all benefit.

To this end, here are a few guidelines and conditions of the use of the Moving Beyond the Page website — particularly the Moving Beyond the Page Community Forum and IdeaShare.

General Guidelines

  • Be respectful of others,
  • Share and learn from others, and
  • Have fun.

Things to Avoid

  • No selling of used curriculum,
  • No questionable language or discussions, and
  • No advertising products or services.

Other Points of Interest

  • We reserve the right to remove any post or idea.
  • By posting in our Community Forum or on IdeaShare, you grant Moving Beyond the Page permission to use the post or idea in a future version of our products or for marketing purposes. To respect your privacy, any quotes used for marketing may include only your first name and the state in which you reside.
  • We will not share any other personal information such as email or physical addresses with any outside source.