Common Core Alignment

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.3.1 - Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.

1: Environment

Unit 1: Amazing Weather
Lesson 1: Whatever the Weather
Lesson 2: Heat and Temperature
Lesson 3: The Wind
Lesson 6: Geography and Weather
Unit 1: Tornado
Lesson 1: Weather on the Farm
Lesson 2: The Storm
Lesson 3: The Tornado
Lesson 4: A Card Trick
Lesson 5: Turtles
Lesson 6: The Best Pet Award
Lesson 7: Conflict
Lesson 8: The End of the Storm
Unit 2: Sarah, Plain and Tall
Lesson 1: Getting Started
Lesson 10: Neighbors
Lesson 11: Squall
Lesson 12: The End of the Storm
Lesson 3: The News
Lesson 4: The Letters
Lesson 5: The Arrival
Lesson 6: Life on the Prairie
Lesson 7: The Dune
Lesson 8: Work and Play
Unit 3: Who Was Helen Keller?
Lesson 1: Helen's Early Years
Lesson 4: Inventors
Lesson 8: All Grown Up

2: Change

Unit 1: Morning Girl
Lesson 1: Background Information
Lesson 2: Point of View
Final Project: Poetry Night
Unit 2: Communities Change Over Time
Lesson 3: What Is A Civilization?
Unit 3: People Change the World
Lesson 2: Leaders Have Character
Lesson 3: Inventions and New Discoveries
Lesson 5: Making the World a Better Place

3: Cycles

Unit 1: Life Cycles
Lesson 2: What Is A Life Cycle?
Lesson 7: Energy and Food Chains
Unit 1: Poppy
Lesson 1: Preparing for Poppy
Lesson 12: A New Beginning
Lesson 4: Standing Before Mr. Ocax
Lesson 7: Ereth
Lesson 8: On the Way to New House
Lesson 9: The Truth at Last
Unit 2: The Water Cycle
Lesson 3: The Water Cycle
Unit 2: Charlotte's Web
Lesson 2: Charlotte
Lesson 3: Bad News
Lesson 4: Some Pig
Lesson 7: The End
Unit 3: Economic Cycles
Lesson 3: If You Made A Million
Unit 3: The Family Under the Bridge
Lesson 1: Pre-Reading
Lesson 4: A Day in the City
Lesson 5: Singing
Lesson 6: The Shoe
Lesson 7: Among Friends
Lesson 9: Saying Goodbye

4: Relationships

Unit 1: The Rain Forest
Lesson 4: People of the Rain Forest
Unit 1: One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest
Lesson 1: The Rain Forests
Lesson 2: Morning in the Rain Forest
Lesson 3: The Tree
Lesson 4: Butterfly Search
Lesson 5: Rain Forest Relationships
Lesson 6: Law of the Jungle
Lesson 9: A Close Call
Unit 3: Iggie's House
Lesson 11: The End
Lesson 3: The Softball Game
Lesson 5: A Visit from Germs
Lesson 6: A New Petition
Lesson 7: The Swim Club
Lesson 8: Moving