Common Core Alignment

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.4.1.c - Pose and respond to specific questions to clarify or follow up on information, and make comments that contribute to the discussion and link to the remarks of others.

1: Interdependence

Unit 1: Little House in the Big Woods
Lesson 1: Introducing the Story
Lesson 10: Summertime and Harvest
Lesson 2: Little House in the Big Woods
Lesson 4: The Long Rifle
Lesson 5: Christmas
Lesson 6: Sundays and Two Big Bears
Lesson 7: The Sugar Snow
Final Project: Pioneer Family Night
Unit 2: The Sign of the Beaver
Lesson 10: Manitou
Lesson 4: A Treaty
Lesson 5: A Story
Lesson 6: The Beaver
Lesson 7: Real Life Learning
Lesson 9: Attean's Past
Final Project: The Sign of the Beaver Movie

2: Force and Power

Unit 1: Ben and Me
Lesson 10: Back Home
Unit 3: The BFG
Lesson 12: Snozzcumbers
Lesson 2: Snatched
Lesson 4: Ears and Snozzcumbers
Lesson 5: Time with the BFG
Lesson 7: A Nightmare for Fleshlumpeater

3: Similarities and Differences

Unit 1: Stories from Africa and Asia
Lesson 10: Kenji
Lesson 11: O Bon
Lesson 12: Racing the Wind
Lesson 13: Precious and Sadako
Lesson 3: The Surprise
Lesson 5: A Good Idea
Unit 2: Holes
Lesson 4: Caveman
Lesson 8: Sam the Onion Man
Final Project: Welcome to Camp

4: Exploration and Survival

Unit 1: Abel's Island
Lesson 10: Escape
Lesson 2: The Storm
Lesson 4: Who Is Abel?
Lesson 8: The Dead of Winter
Final Project: Your Own Deserted Island
Unit 2: Pedro's Journal
Lesson 7: December
Lesson 8: The Island of the Skog
Unit 3: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Lesson 2: Spring is Coming
Lesson 3: A Visit to an Owl
Lesson 4: Rats in the Rosebush
Lesson 6: A Plan for Mrs. Frisby