Common Core Alignment

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.2.6 - Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading and being read to, and responding to texts, including using adjectives and adverbs to describe (e.g., When other kids are happy that makes me happy).

1: Community

Unit 1: Communities Around the World
Lesson 6: Uses of Money
Final Project: Community Brochure
Unit 3: Plants and Animals
Lesson 10: Life Cycles
Lesson 3: Classifying Animals

2: Matter and Movement

Unit 1: States of Matter
Lesson 6: Changes in States of Matter
Unit 2: Earth
Lesson 3: Digging Into Dirt
Lesson 7: Taking Care of the Earth

3: Culture

Unit 2: People Around the World
Lesson 5: Transportation in Culture
Lesson 8: Asian Culture
Unit 3: Stories Around the World
Final Project: A New Cinderella