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Comments: 2 | updated: 12/5/2019
The "Where in the world is the north pole" link is not working. Is there a working link somewhere else?
Comments: 2 | updated: 12/5/2019
(no comment provided)
Comments: 12 | updated: 11/28/2019
We love this curriculum but seem to be moving through it at a much slower pace!Has anyone had this same experience?
Comments: 10 | updated: 11/24/2019
In theory great idea but it''s hard to put together and doesn''t stay together and ended up frustrating son. My husband and I and 14 yrs old daughter trying to rig it with glue. Not working
Comments: 4 | updated: 11/21/2019
I am doing an online unit with my kiddos now and I wanted to try and print off the vocabulary and have them put it in their binders so they can use it as a study guide. Is there a way to do this without me having to create it? TIA
Comments: 2 | updated: 11/14/2019
My son having difficulty taking the test on the computer. He knows the material but somehow scores lower when taking the test online. Is there an easy way to get the tests on paper? Thanks so much! Emily
Comments: 8 | updated: 11/12/2019
Happy summer! Are there any updates to the 8-10 math?
Comments: 3 | updated: 10/22/2019
The link is dead for the short story "The Widow Carey''s Chickens" by Gerald Hausman. Our library does not have the Best Shorts book that contains the story, and the cheapest used copy on Amazon is around $24. Can someone help?
Comments: 2 | updated: 10/14/2019
Hi To save money does anyone buy the v units as you go? Eg. 7-9. How much of the curriculum pkg is necessary to buy to start off with for 6 weeks? Kirsty
Comments: 3 | updated: 10/10/2019
I cannot access any websites that utilize flash. I keep reading directions to enable it and I follow the directions but it won''t work. I really wanted Carl''s Cookie Caper to work for my son. So I will not able to access many websites through this cur. . .
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