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Comments: 3 | updated: 8/15/2019
I actually already use MBtP (4-5, 5-7, soon to launch into 6-8) but wasn''t sure where to post this. My state (SC) requires submission of a "syllabus explaining weekly schedule of instruction in each course, including pages to be covered in ea. . .
Comments: 4 | updated: 8/14/2019
How do you organize the unit activities? What containers or cabinet do you use? Can you show me in photos? Link me to any fb forums that may be easier?
Comments: 1 | updated: 8/13/2019
Good day! I am wondering if anyone has experience with filling out an IHIP for 6-8 using this curriculum.
Comments: 38 | updated: 8/9/2019
My son will be using 12-14 for part of 9th grade, but where to go from there?! Has anyone found a high school program that is similar to MBtP as far as quality and extent of literature, as well as including numerous hands-on projects? Is it time for . . .
Comments: 5 | updated: 8/1/2019
I used the 8-10 with my older daughter and she did well last year. I''d like to switch my younger daughter to MBTP next year but she would do better in the 7-9. Can I use the 7-9 with my older daughter? Or would it be too easy for her after using 8-10. . .
Comments: 2 | updated: 7/31/2019
I''m looking over this story/unit to plan for the fall. In the first lesson, question two asks about Huck being imprisoned and the answer references Pap and his abuse. This does not correlate with our Huck Finn book. What book is this meant to be used. . .
Comments: 3 | updated: 7/30/2019
I am seriously considering using this curriculum this year. But, I can''t decide in which age range to place my daughter. She recently turned 8 and should be in the 3rd grade. She is reading at a 5th grade level, but we have been doing another program. . .
Comments: 4 | updated: 7/25/2019
I have serious concerns about using this book. Any ideas for replacing it?
Comments: 2 | updated: 7/22/2019
Can anyone tell me how many extra materials are needed to complete the curriculum? example composition books?
Comments: 2 | updated: 7/9/2019
Happy summer! Are there any updates to the 8-10 math?
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