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Comments: 2 | updated: 1/14/2019
Are cool new catalogs with the updated math for the lower levels and high school pages out yet?
Comments: 1 | updated: 12/29/2018
Hi, we are currently using the 5-7 level and I was just looking ahead to 6-8 and noticed that a lot of the materials in the math kit are things that are also in the 5-7 kit. For example, we don''t need a new abacus every year or another set of attribu. . .
Comments: 2 | updated: 12/28/2018
I want to know if the online option for 4-5 year olds is completely online or if their is a paper student book included? Also would like to know how the online curriculum is any different from the paper curriculum.
Comments: 4 | updated: 12/24/2018
Hello, brand new to MBtP (though i''ve been researching for a few months). I''m struggling to find a sample that shows me what the average day for a age 7-9 user would see for the complete MBtP package (excluding math, obviously). Is there one on the. . .
Comments: 4 | updated: 12/13/2018
I consider one of the perks of homeschooling to be being able to adapt to my children''s strengths and weaknesses. My youngest is right on target with her age range for LA, SS, and SCI. I believe, however, that she has some sort of math learning disab. . .
Comments: 5 | updated: 11/17/2018
Has anyone used MBtP while one the road or traveling frequently? I''m looking at the "shopping list" and it looks fairly extensive, and i won''t have a ton of space...
Comments: 4 | updated: 11/14/2018
I just wanted to let you know for future customers that the domino set included with the manipulatives doesn''t have enough dominoes to do this activity. There is only one of each domino (i.e. there is one 1 + 9 domino, but there is not another to be . . .
Comments: 51 | updated: 11/13/2018
Do you have current plans to develop and eventually offer high school levels of Moving Beyond the Page? Are there any plans in the works? We''d love to continue on with this awesome curriculum beyond the 12-14 level. MBtP is a perfect fit for our f. . .
Comments: 9 | updated: 11/8/2018
We have been getting organized. In the Language Arts book, it says that spelling words can be found in the Appendix. Yet, there does not seem to be an Appendix? What am I missing? We have two in the 8-10 curriculum and on in the 6-8.
Comments: 1 | updated: 10/31/2018
Is anyone using the High School LA curriculum. We are new to MBtP, how do you get started? There is no tab on the getting started page for it and I have contacted the company twice and have gotten no response. At this point I can not access any of th. . .
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