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Comments: 6 | updated: 6/26/2022
We have just recently started - actually just finishing the first Wanderer workbook and my daughter has to do a narrative essay. What I am not liking about this curriculum is it doesn''t seem to help me guide her. I don''t know if her essay should be . . .
Comments: 3 | updated: 6/4/2022
We''re coming off a Charlotte Mason curriculum and she really enjoys being read to. Are there suggestions as to read aloud books for the 6-8 concepts?
Comments: 4 | updated: 6/4/2022
I have serious concerns about using this book. Any ideas for replacing it?
Comments: 61 | updated: 6/4/2022
Do you have current plans to develop and eventually offer high school levels of Moving Beyond the Page? Are there any plans in the works? We''d love to continue on with this awesome curriculum beyond the 12-14 level. MBtP is a perfect fit for our f. . .
Comments: 2 | updated: 5/31/2022
Hello, this has probably been asked, but my searches weren''t finding it - Would it be ok to start MBtP in June or does everything line up better with a Fall start date? Will probably use level 6-8 Thank you!
Comments: 5 | updated: 5/31/2022
We went to start the Oregon Trail game today. My son was so excited! We had a MacBook Pro. It should work, but it keeps saying the files are null when I try to start it. Even more frustrating, there is no technical support that I can find to he. . .
Comments: 2 | updated: 5/31/2022
Hello, we are almost done with our 5-7 curriculum. For next year, is it possible to purchase the online version of the Parent Manuals? I noticed that I hardly used my physical copies & preferred the online version. I don''t see an option to purcha. . .
Comments: 5 | updated: 5/30/2022
Hello, I recall reading somewhere on your website that MBTP can or should be used with a reading/phonics supplement. Do I have that right? And if so, are there any particular programs that are recommended? My son is almost four and enjoys being read . . .
Comments: 7 | updated: 5/30/2022
I''m homeschooling my 5 year old daughter using moving beyond the page, and I''m looking to add a foreign language to her studies (preferably Spanish as we live in Florida, and she would have multiple opportunities to use it). Does anyone have any rec. . .
Comments: 4 | updated: 5/30/2022
I am looking for help with essay writing. We are using the 11-13 for my 13 year old, and he has a hard time with the writing. Does anyone have resources to help him become more comfortable and confident?
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