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Comments: 3 | updated: 3/17/2019
I"m currently using 7-9 whole and have found it frustrating that the teacher guide and lesson plan are together in one book. Requesting, can you change and have teachers guide and student book separated. Currently frustrated with the hardness of. . .
Comments: 2 | updated: 3/14/2019
Does anyone else use other spelling words besides the ones on the 100 words to read and spell poster?
Comments: 2 | updated: 2/28/2019
We just finished reading Turn of the Century by Ellen Jackson and were enjoying it quite a bit when we came to the year 2000 with the boy, John Stevenson. John has a friend, named Mark, who is the only person of color in the entire book, which my dau. . .
Comments: 2 | updated: 2/26/2019
Hi, we are brand new to homeschooling and just purchased the age 8-10 curriculum. Will we have access to the online section? Thanks.
Comments: 4 | updated: 2/21/2019
Does Learning Gates for math exist? I see it scheduled in my math parent manual but when I go to the website it says I don''t have a learning gates account and it only mentions spelling- so I don''t want to buy a license if it''s only for spelling becau. . .
Comments: 3 | updated: 2/19/2019
I am looking at curriculum for next fall. I am wondering if the Civics Unit would cover all the things I remember we had to learn in 8th grade. I remember having to pass a Constitution Test and am wondering how thorough this unit is. I would possi. . .
Comments: 2 | updated: 2/19/2019
I have serious concerns about using this book. Any ideas for replacing it?
Comments: 6 | updated: 2/13/2019
I bought the online version of this, planning to use it soon. The first lesson says to watch episode 4 of a DVD? The required items are listed as bead bracelets and A History of US book 5. Can someone who has used this please clarify? Thank you!
Comments: 3 | updated: 2/7/2019
Is there a package option listed by concept? I''m trying to spread our spending out a bit.
Comments: 3 | updated: 2/7/2019
This forum seems a bit slow. Is there somewhere else the MBtP parents hang out online that perhaps has more traffic? I guess I am just used to the faster pace of some other forums.
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