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Working with MBTP while meeting charter school requirements

Crystal H
San Jacinto, CA
Three of my children are enrolled in a charter school. At the end of each learning period (once a month), we meet with our assigned Teacher Facilitator. Part of the meeting consists of turning in samples of their work, per subject. To meet this requirement, I've discovered that I have to skip some LA units, and add an additional unit workbook to their schedule.
For example: my 9-11 level child, is working on Diversity and Interdependence; unit 2. This unit covers LA & SS only. So to fulfill the science portion, I've had include unit 1(The Living Seas), and leave out the LA portion (The Cay).

I have to do the same exact thing with my 8-10 level child.

With my 6-8 child, I either have to work on multiple units at once, or multiple concepts.

I am bummed out that some stories will be left behind.

Is there a way around this? Or should I continue with this odd plan?
Kelly P
Henderson, NV
I sometimes just save the SS or Science from one unit and turn it in the next month - and don't date it. Now that we're in the swing of school and the facilitator knows that we do a good job, she only needs 2 samples per month (last month was math & ELA, next month is SS & Science - I have a test from a previous unit saved under the SS, and a Science test form this unit). For our logs with what we do - I'll have my daughter read SS books if we are doing Science and vice versa, I've asked the facilitator to give us the readers from the curriculum that they offer through the charter school to fill in this gap. She'll read these in the car and I just log the subject that she is learning on our sheet, ex: Voting or Civil Rights.
Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
I have random subject workbooks for samples. So if my regular curriculum doesn't cover a subject, I just have the kids fill out a science or social studies worksheet right quick. Poof there is the sample. Also Yes, I also keep a folder or box for each kid to just start collecting their work without dates. I may just grab something from there every month.